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 New Type Foil Kite


Kitesurfing is a rapidly gaining popularity, unique extreme action sport, which is riding on a special board with a towing kite (using wind power).

Nowadays, there are two types of kite construction: inflatable kite and foil kite. Each of these types has its pros and cons.

So, for example, an inflatable kite is convenient to use on water, it does not sink when falling down and does not collapsing. However, using the inflatable kite has its disadvantages:

  • Heavier weight of inflatable kite than of foil kite makes it impossible to use an inflatable kite in very low wind conditions
  • The need to inflate a kite makes the process of preparing for the kiting session longer, and also requires the use of a pump
  • The design of the inflatable balloon makes the kite more fragile, which leads to some inconveniences while kiting on land and snow cowered surface, as the inflatable balloon of kite can be damaged easily due to crashing on land or snow cowered surface

As for foil kite, it is lighter and will not be broken while collision with ground or snow cowered surface, however its design has the following disadvantages:

  • If foil kite falls into the water, it is more difficult to relaunch it, and it can also sink if it is not relaunched in short time and the water gets inside the foil kite
  • If the wind suddenly is over, the foil kite cannot be used as a floating means for the rider’s self-rescue
  • When riding in gusty winds, the soft structure of the foil kite is unstable, which leads to the collapsing of the canopy; collapsing is also possible while performing freestyle tricks


Now all the shortcomings of both types of kites will be eliminated with the invention of a New Type Foil Kite - Patent Pending Invention (US 62/945174).

New Type Foil Kite

  •  Is lighter than the inflatable kite, so has more expanded wind range
  •  You don’t need to inflate the kite and have a pump with you
  • Its design is very durable and you can forget about damaged inflatable balloons of inflatable kites due to crashing
  • The special construction makes it stable in gusty wind conditions, gives high freestyle performance and easy relaunching
  • Kite has high buoyancy and will not sink even while long staying on water
Thus, a New Type Foil Kite is a universal kite for using on all surfaces (both on water, on land and snow), is simple in use and has high performance. A New Type Foil Kite opens up great opportunities in kitesurfing development.


Inventor Kattie Past